im actually really afraid that no one will fall in love with me

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The French exchange students came to my school this week. Is it bad that I banged one already? Hahahaha


ai papi you get in there 


The Sordid Porn star of Bromley
This was inevitable. I have repressed my thoughts about this for some time so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to express my views on the controversial erotica which stormed the timeline of my social media.

I do not want to name drop in my blog but If you do not know who or what i am talking about then you will just have to collect the pieces to understand my ultimatum.

I believe that ones body is sacred to them so it is purely down to that individual when deciding what they wish to do with it, IE the act of sexual intercourse in front of a camera; which the world will ultimately see. Obviously it is their right to do what they want, as who else could make such decision for them? But the mental process which concluded going through with such thing is foreign to me

Okay, lets recollect. What I think most shocked a lot of people was the fact this empty soul, at the tender age of 18 could expose her entire modesty and unfortunately dignity. I do not oppose porn or consider joining an ‘anti porn’ campaign any time soon but just simply the fact of her age, is shocking to me. Most likely, in fact most definitely, if the same thing happened, but say, 10 years later who would be shocked? Who would outrageously take to twitter and tweet such damaging and slandering abuse? - which it was. Publicizing the fact that a girl, around the same age as you, is a ‘dirty slag’ or ‘fucking tramp’ is so disgusting. If these are your intelligent opinions then they should be kept in close proxemics, not displayed on twitter, or even, distastefully blasted over instagram.

Class is everything. And evidently, this was not classy. HOWEVER this does not give us the right to ridicule or taunt someone who has made ill decisions. In my eyes everybody deserves second chances because we have all made mistakes (maybe not starring in fake taxi) but actions we are not entirely proud of. So this could be one? This could have been a mistake. Having sex with a 50 year old man may have been fun at the time. But retrospectively, a big mistake, which will rest on their shoulders for her entire existence.

Possibly she is proud. She has done it and earned an easy dollar but we should give the benefit of the doubt and not mock someone of such low self esteem who was evidently not as level headed as most of us. When trying to collect my opinion on this matter i was thinking at the time ‘what if I was her?’, ‘what if I was the one who was receiving all this abuse and ridicule?’ Imagine the suffering she went through just for a couple of hundred pounds. I am almost certain she would have had some element of regret circling in her head.

I can be very judgmental and opinionated so this may seem hypocritical right? But this is a different scenario. Something as big of a deal as this tarnishes ones name and determines ones future which they cannot change, so i felt it was necessary (for once) at that moment in time to keep my opinions to myself - which is extremely surprising. But it was more of an ‘each to their own’ moment. Everyone will make bad decisions in life and some are worse than others but we just have to get over it. So good for her!

I guess the moral to this is the fact that most people who reacted to the video were the lions in the lions den and were not supportive of something which is very brave and daring. I am not okay with what she done nor trying to look like a saint making sense to the situation BUT what I am trying to do is enlighten you on how tastelessly people reacted. So kids, next time your friend releases a porno, own it.
or not.. Anyway STAY CLASSY!

Until next week, Dan.